Our expertise in Software Development

We can develop your site from zero with the functionality that your processes require or add to your existing site e-commerce capabilities, databases processing, reports, etc.

We have experience developing business software solutions for large companies. These applications usually run on intranets or extra nets. We can migrate your desktop applications to the cloud, which will allow you to access information from anywhere in the world and reduce costs in hardware requirements.

Our software development services:

Enterprise software development

The extensive experience of our team has allowed us to develop and maintain critical systems for very important companies.

We have developed proven solutions for various vertical industries: Fintech (Banking), Insuretech (Insurance), Agriculture, Exports, Operations, Quality Control, Insurance, Factories, etc.

We have also developed and implemented administrative systems such as: Accounting, Inventory, Billing, Sales, Portfolio, Fixed assets, etc.

Web Application Development

Internet is the medium where everyone wants to be. Create your project or automate your processes in an environment that can be accessed from a large number of devices. We can design solutions considering the best user interface and experience, following industry standards.

We can meet your requirements of:

  • Web Implementation CMS (Joomla, WordPress, etc).
  • Script customization.
  • Development and implementation of E-Commerce.
  • Implementation of online collections.
  • Web projects and Startups.

Cloud Computing.

We implement virtual and secure data centers in AWS, Google Cloud or Azure , saving resources and time. We can use the following tools:

  • Virtual servers.
  • Sub networks.
  • Load balancers.
  • Code repositories.
  • IoT services, etc.

IoT Applications

We have developed solutions that are based on the communication of data from remote equipment with cellular transmission, WiFi, etc. We know the specific complications of this type of applications. We have used cloud services based on specialized IoT protocols (MQTT).